Our company

Heliartec is a world-leading manufacturer of aesthetic solar panels. Our professional, specialized team combines decades of knowledge and experience in the field of monocrystalline solar panels with state-of-the-art aesthetic finishing techniques. With headquarters and production department in Taiwan and EMEA office in Rotterdam, we are responsible for producing and distributing aesthetic BIPV solutions throughout Europe Middle East and Arfica.


Heliartec, composed of Helios (Sun), art, and tech, refers to the three elements that we bring together in our products: solar energy, aesthetics, and technology. We develop and produce innovative, sustainable, and aesthetic building elements that fully pay for themselves by generating power.

The brand

All our aesthetic BIPV solutions bear the name Pixasolar: a strong brand with a wide variety of products and applications. In addition to completely black and transparent solar panels, we offer a range of custom inkjet-printed solar panels that give the building envelope a new, unique look and function.


Pixasolar is ideal for architects and real estate owners facing NZEB building solution challenges.

Certifications and patent

Pixasolar distinguishes itself in terms of both technology and aesthetics. The production and finishing of our aesthetic BIPV solutions are unique in the world. With a patented treatment and coloring of the glass, optimized solar cell layout, and edge sealing, Pixasolar is the reference in the market for solar panels as facade cladding.


In addition to the IEC, CE, CPR, and RoHS certificates, Pixasolar has also registered its distinctive "electrical circuit patent" in Europe.

The Award

In 2020 Pixasolar was awarded the Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best" by a 40-member jury. We received this award based on our panels' innovative character, functionality, quality, and durability. We are very proud to be part of the world's best designs and design products today.